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Alex Hill, CPA PC, A Professional Corporation. Our professionals work with you to develop, secure, and protect your finances throughout your lifetime.

Our staff is available year-round to meet your needs and answer your questions. We also offer timely tax, business, and financial information through our bi-weekly newsletter.

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Monitoring the changes in tax law and employing them to your fullest advantage requires the skills of a qualified, experienced, and vigilant professional.

Our CPA professionals complete reports and filings efficiently and present them in a user-friendly format. We make the best use of your time by using both on-line and in-office meetings, and our staff is available year-round to answer any questions as they arise.

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Our professionals have extensive experience providing consultation and service a variety of both large and small-scale businesses. We work with you, your lawyer, banker, board and insurance agent to develop a comprehensive plan to maximize profits, protect assets, and thoroughly address your financial needs and goals.